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2 Wheel DynoWorks

Services – 


$100 – Hourly Rate

$69 – Baseline runs including horsepower, torque and air fuel ratios.

$179-$299– Complete tuning and a full map custom made for your motorcycle.
Graphs are included at no charge.

$99-$499 ECU Tuning depending upon make and model.

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2 Wheel DynoWorks
13631 NE 126th PL,
Suite 420,
Kirkland, WA, 98034

About the owner

My name is Nels and I am the founder of 2 Wheel IMG00092-20100320-1250
DynoWorks. My goal is to make all of your motorcycles run like they should. For the past 17 years I have been professionally Dyno tuning at Carburetor and Fuel Injection Connection. While I specialize in high horsepower boosted four cylinder engines, my extensive factory training covers many engine management applications. I frequently build 500+ hp cars that can both pass emissions and be driven daily.

In ’96 I purchased my first motorcycle and was hooked. Since then I have been buying, selling, and working on motorcycles which is my true passion. Like many others, I always wanted my bike to run better, or more importantly, to run correctly.

To achieve this a dyno is necessary, so I went to a few local motorcycle shops. When I asked to use their dyno equipment or to be included in the process, not only was I denied, but the only option they gave me was to leave my bike and $300-$400 with them. Their lack of concern for me as a customer and my equipment, and the excessive price was extremely frustrating. My bike already had a Power Commander with a base map and ran well. I knew with a few adjustments it could run perfect. This led me to designing a way to chain and strap my bike to a car dyno. Although it worked and I was quite successful with tuning it, the car dyno had too much load and resistance for a bike. My previous experience was with three generations of Dynojet dynometers.

This led me to the purchase of a Dynojet 200. This tool, mounted in a 27 foot trailer, created a perfect mobile tuning station. This is exactly what I had been looking for. As the business grew, we moved into our own shop in Woodinville, WA. We eventually purchased a second DynoJet 250i dynamometer and built our own soundproof dyno room! And as of April 2016, we are back in Kirkland, Wa in an amazing location. Now, I am able to help and educate people about their motorcycles without any limitations. My desire is to help you get the most out of your motorcycle. Proper tuning is an integral part of you fully enjoying your bike.

2 Wheel DynoWorks is based out of Kirkland, WA.  However, I often set up at many of the local raceways and motorcycle shops.  Check the Calender for more details.

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