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Revzilla On FZ-09 Fueling and Tuning Revolutionized!

The Yamaha FZ-09 is one of the most important bikes to be released in recent years. Nothing else competes with its combination of power, torque, and low price tag.

I spent a few months with one for a long-term review and fell in love with it, when the terrible suspension and jerky fueling weren’t trying to kill me. Then, I met Nick Stolten of Stoltec Moto, who came up with his own suspension and fueling fixes to make the FZ-09 the way it should have been released from the factory. We’ve already detailed his suspension fixes, so now it’s time to get the fueling sorted.

Since the release of the FZ-09, Yamaha has released a new set of fuel maps that you can have installed on your bike. They are very similar to that of the new FJ-09, which is to say they are very much improved. But if you really want to unlock the potential of the FZ-09, we recommend you read the following Q&A with Stolten.

…read the entire article at the link!


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