Pacific Northwest Premier Mobile Motorcycle Dyno Tuner

FJ-09 ECU Removal

Step 1: Remove both seats from the motorcycle.
Step 2: Remove the top 2 bolts with a 4mm allen

Step 3: Remove these four, quarter-turn 4mm allen bolts, and then remove the front upper tank shroud.

Step 4: There are three 4mm allen bolts to remove in order to take the side panels off – 2 from the front, and one at the rear. The top half has a rubber grommet, and the lower slides up and away.

Step 5: To remove the upper side tank covers, and the inner mid fairing, there are four 4mm allen bolts and one plastic Phillips push pin. The fourth Allen bolt(not pictured) is black, and at the front, upper point on the plastic.

Step 6: The carbon tank side trim pieces have a slide over grommet in the front, and one 4mm allen bolt at the rear. There is a velcro square in the middle, pull out slightly, then slide panel towards rear of bike to clear the tab on the tank side.

 Step 7: Remove one 4mm allen from each side of the tank, and the two 4mm allens on the rear tank hold down bracket. If you pull these instead of the 10mm head bolts, it gives you a little more to hold on to for the next step…

Step 8: It’s easiest to get a helping hand, and have someone lift the tank upwards and towards the left side of the bike. The ECU unplugs and slides out the right side, off the top of the airbox. While your friend is holding the tank up, cleanly remove the foam pad stuck to the bottom of the fuel tank, to free up a few extra horsepower! Be cautious to make sure there is no residue or leftover foam to fall into your airbox.




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