Pacific Northwest Premier Mobile Motorcycle Dyno Tuner

Portland Dyno Weekend 9/30-10/2 2016

Aright Vancouver/Portland, 2 Wheel DynoWorks is coming back south. Nels will be coming down with his dyno trailer to Vancouver Cycle Gear Friday September 30th through Sunday October 2nd at the Vancouver Cycle Gear.

What’s a dyno tune for? It’s for many things. Fixing fueling problems, unlocking the potential in your bike, removing restrictions from the factory, smoothing out your engine braking, smoothing out your throttle response and POWEERRRRRR.

Some bikes don’t need anything to be tuned, some bikes do. Some bikes can only use fuel programmers, some can have their ECU’s flashed for the mac daddy tunes that give you the most performance and ride-ability gains possible. Some just need carbs checked and tweaked. Email them to find out what your bike needs or doesn’t need to get tuned.

Bike not running right? Stuttering? Stalling? Overheating? Bogging down at certain rpms? The dyno is a fantastic tool for diagnosing issues and only needs a baseline to tell us exactly what’s going on.

Baseline $60 – HP/TQ/Air Fuel ratio pulls to show you how your bike is currently running, good for pre-modification settings or to diagnose potential problems if bike is not running optimally.

Fuel Tunes starting at $189, V-Twins $249 – Full custom fuel mapping for your bike and modifications, generally requires Power Commander, Bazzaz or other fuel controller to be installed on the bike however, we work with them all and on some bikes isn’t necessary so contact us with questions and to clarify. Twins get custom individual cylinder balance tunes which is a night and day difference in it’s power delivery and performance.

ECU Flashing ranging from $225 to $449 depending upon application. Full control of the bike, full optimization of everything, all restrictions from the factory or emissions removed or disabled, this is how you unlock the full potential of your motorcycle and truly ride it how it was designed to be ridden.

To get on the schedule, please email with all questions, comments, scheduling etc. Thank you


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