Pacific Northwest Premier Mobile Motorcycle Dyno Tuner

Portland and Spokane Dyno Weekends!

  • We’ll be in Portland area at ProCaliber in Vancouver, WA September 14 – September 17th, 2017.


  • We’ll be in Spokane at Empire Cycle from September 29 – October 1st, 2017.


We will be tuning, diagnosing and unleashing power!!! on our mobile dyno all weekend.

Baseline runs are $60 and get you horsepower, torque and air fuel ratios. These are very helpful for diagnosing issues, or just seeing where you’re at for a before/after doing some modifications as well or to confirm modifications etc.

Fuel/ignition tuning is $229, most motorcycles need a fuel programmer such as a power commander, but not all do, so message/call/email first to verify. Fuel tuning for twins starts at $279.

ECU flashing starts at $349, depends on make and model so contact us about your bike. This is the ultimate tune, this repgrograms your bike to our settings to get it running its absolute best and the results are amazing.

We set up appointments. Please contact us via message, email, phone etc to get your time slot saved! We take cards, cash, paypal etc. Any questions please contact us right away.



2 responses

  1. Gary Hess

    Are you reflashing the ECU for the 15″ Multistrada yet? Or doing anything for that matter?

    August 11, 2017 at 3:50 PM

    • At this time we only have ability to flash the 1000/1100 MTS and not the 1200 yet. We can tune the fueling on the MTS1200 with a power commander 5

      August 11, 2017 at 7:58 PM

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