ZX6R Evol Ergonomics Package

ZX6R Evol Ergonomics Package

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Our Ergonomics Packages bundle the absolute best rearsets and clip-ons available at a price that cannot be beaten anywhere else! This Ergonomics Package puts together Evol Technology's Adjustable Rearsets and Tangent Tube Clip-on Handlebars for ultimate customization for your specific ergonomic needs. Available in both an anodized magnesium and black finish, the full retail value of everything included in this Ergonomics Package is $849.99 plus shipping, but when we bundle this Ergonomics Package together you save $130 and shipping is FREE.


Included in this Ergonomics Package:

2013-2018 ZX6R Evol Technology Rearsets


These are the rearsets chosen by riders and racers such as AMA Pros Devon McDonnough and Ryan Matter, and MotoFit Group owner and rider/coach Rob Burch.  They maintain all of the features found in the ET-R rearsets, but they move the foot peg up and back more than an additional inch for an aggressive MotoGP-inspired stance.  Their appearance is strikingly mean yet beautiful — providing an honestly unique alternative to anything else on the market for your bike.


Evol Technology Tangent Tube Clip-ons


Different by design, our clip-ons place the handlebars tangent to the leading edge of the fork tubes.  This design pulls the bars forward about 25mm from conventional clip-ons, which translates to a “flatter” bar angle for a more bio-mechanically advantaged riding style (think Ben Spies, with his elbows-out technique).  They are also ideal for smaller riders.  The downward angle of the bars is the racing standard 7 degrees.


Please include your bike's year/make/model and your choice of either magnesium or black anodized finish, as well as what shift pattern (GP or Standard) you're looking to use, in the notes section of your order! Once your order is placed, your Evol Ergonomics Package will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at support@2wheeldynoworks.com.

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