Pacific Northwest Premier Mobile Motorcycle Dyno Tuner


Yes we can tune dirt bikes and have extensive experience with the single and dual cylinder, two stroke and four stroke motorcycles. We can dyno the bikes with dirt tires on them but it is easier with super moto or enduro tires. We can tune all carbureted and fuel injected systems, including Wiseco, Two Brothers Juice Box, and PowerCommander. The bikes respond extremely well to proper fueling down low and extra fuel at the top to keep them safe in racing and high load applications. We can tune high compression aftermarket cams in big bore systems as well. All of this creating extra throttle response, fuel economy, horsepower, and most importantly reliability. This applies to all brands with engine management systems or carburetor kits available.

One response

  1. Matt

    Nels got me a super A/F ratio , smoother power delivery
    08 cbr600rr , with only a Akro slip on

    102.5 hp
    111.3 hp


    43 ft lbs
    46.5 ft lbs

    November 12, 2011 at 6:38 PM

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