Dyno Tune – $269

ECU Flash – $350 regularly but currently on sale for 10% off

Ducati Performance Tuning is a little more involved than the standard bike. We have all the proper Ducati tuning equipment that allows me to tune your Ducati’s individual cylinders without any cutting or welding to be done to your bike.

There are two main issues that cause a Ducati to not run as efficient as they could. First is the fact that are a V-Twin engine design and run the same fuel map on both cylinders from the factory. The two cylinders are basically two separate engines sharing a common crank shaft. They need to individual engine management.

Second, they run a very strong Closed loop operation for emissions. This means that the O2 sensors control the fueling under 20% throttle and 5,000rpms. The O2 sensors will self adjust the fueling of the bike to stoichiometric 14.7 air/fuel ratio. This is too lean for the bike to run smooth and efficiently. These problems are what cause the notorious Ducati bucking during around town riding and cruising. With these two problems fixed, the bucking can be lowered to 1,500-1,700 RPMS, increase 10% power and torque to the tire, increase fuel economy and make the bike feel like your wrist is connected to the back tire.

There are a few ways to fix these problems. The first thing that needs be done is eliminate the O2 sensors and closed loop function. You accomplish this by changing the internal programming of the ecu. There are two options for this. You can replace the stock ecu with a Ducati Performance ecu, or you can reflash the stock ECU.

The ECU reflash service we provide perfects 99% of fueling, gear timing curves, rev limiter and idle, and eliminates o2 sensor. It is more in-depth of a program then the Ducati performance ECU and can provide a performance map for individual cylinders. To achieve an optimal tune, I recommend a Power Commander along with the reflash so we can finish perfecting your bikes air/fuel ratio for each cylinder. With a Power Commander installed I am then able to tune the bike at 250rpm intervals and all important throttle positions.

Some of the new Power Commanders come with O2 manipulators. This new devices works great but eliminating the O2 sensors completely is much more reliable. I have found the O2 manipulators to need constant tune and adjustment. As A reminder, I do have the equipment to properly tune your Ducati through the factory O2 sensor port, exhaust, or cylinder tuning ports. This means there will be NO welding or cutting required to tune your Ducati.

Cost for the  reflash is $349. It can be done with or without the bike. Currently we have unrestricted mail in ecu flashes available, these do not include fueling changes and it’s recommended  you have a PowerCommander installed and dyno tuned locally to you. And for a few models we have full ecu flashes available, it’s dependent upon model.

For proper full tuning including fuel mapping, we need the bike on the dyno. You are welcome to ride your bike down and be in the dyno, watching everything. I will show you and explain everything I do. Before and after print outs of horsepower, torque, speed, RPMS and air/fuel ratio will be included.

$369 ~$399 ~$349  $350
748 X
749 R/S X X (TE)
750 & 900 SS X
750/900SS X
848 X X X (TE)
848 EVO X X X (TE)
848 SF X X (TE)
996 X
998 X
998 R/S X
999 X X (TE)
1098 X X X (TE)
1098R X X X (TE)
1098S X X (TE)
1198 X X X (TE)
1198R X X X (TE)
1198S/SP X X X (TE)
PANIGALE V4 (coming soon)
GT 1000
M620 X X (TE)
M695 X (TE)
M696 X X
M796 X
M797 +
M800 S2R X X (TE)
M800S IE X
M821 X
M900 X
M1000 S2R X (TE)
M1000S IE X X (TE)
M1100 X (TE)
M1100 EVO X
M1200S X
M S4 X X (TE)
M S4R X X (TE)
SPORT 1000

62 thoughts on “Ducati

  1. I am interested in more info on this. I would like to know where you/your shop is located. I have a 2003 Ducati 999 and it is running strong but there is a surge when riding at rpms below 3500. I have a 14t front and a 39t rear with high flow air filters and a cat removed exhaust. I believe this is causing the lean condition you spoke about to be worse. The bike has lots of power but it tends to stall easy at take off from a stop and the power seems to be inconsistent. The bike seems to occasionally to pull less hard (lift front wheel/ not lift front). I am willing to have my ECU flashed and need to know where you are located to see if dyno tuning is an option. Please respond to anthony.grimaldi@hbcommunications.com

    1. Anthony,
      Thank you for the message. I would love to help. I have two locations. One in Tacoma at Redline Motorsports and one in Woodinville. There is a lot of information here and might be best covered on the phone. This is a very common problem with the 999’s and can be fixed. There is a few things to check before we get crazy on the tuning but usually an individual cylinder tune with a power commander is a great solution. Please call when you can, I have a lot of information for you. Thanks again, Nels 425-269-5332. This will be sent to your email as well.

  2. i´ve got an 1198SP with full Termi System, the ECU has already been updatet from Ducati Bellevue. How much would i have to pay to install the power commander and fine tune it. all parts supplied by you. thanks

    1. Give me a call at 425-269-5332 or shoot me an email at 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com and i’ll get you the pricing. The tune cost varies and the power commander varies from $250-400 depending on where we can source one.

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  4. I just need security immobilizer removed from my 2002 Ducati Monster 620 ECU since i bought the bike without gauge cluster.
    Do you have this capability ?
    And how much?

    1. Give me a call at 425-269-5332. I’d recommend giving a call to your local Ducati dealership to deal with this issue.

  5. I have a 2011 848 Evo with a full leo vince and two o2 sensor’s and i have a spare ECU from a monster with, two o2 sensor’s. what is the cost to unleash a ECU

    1. $549 and worth every penny!

  6. Hi I have a 13 Diavel just had a power commander put in and a remap and it feels wrong. The dude did it at 13:1 and the lines are all up and down and under 3000 rpm wow can be as high and 17:1 and as low as 11:1. What is ideal for my bike and can u recommend someone I can take it to in NY or NJ. Thanks

    1. I highly recommend you find someone who will at least put a solid 13.2:1 air fuel ratio across the entire powerband as well as someone who is balancing both cylinders properly, tuning twins is a little more involved than a regular inline 4 and if the tuner isn’t aware of this, it can lead to a poor tune. Give me a call at 425-269-5332 and we can talk more about it

  7. Hi I think I just spoke with Bill I will this weekend send you my map that’s on the bike and hopefully u can make some magic via email.


  8. I’m interested in this ecu procedure

    1. Shoot me an email at 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com with your spec’s and what you want to accomplish with your bike and we’ll get the ball rolling!

      1. Hi have u received my email? I sent it to Nels email address. Thanks

  9. Hi. My ’08 HyperMotard 1100 S has the DP ECU with the full race Termignoni 2-1 exhaust. Lots of power but super twitchy at the bottom end. It feels like a tiny change of throttle near full closed causes a nearly full power/no power-on/off situation. At least it feels that way. And there is the occasion stall when taking off.

    Now I’m a but confused. You say above that the DP ECU is a great way to fix these problems, but you re-flash standard ECU’s in a way that’s better than the DP. Can you re-flash a DP ECU, and if so would it help much to do it?

    I’m in San Francisco, so I don’t know how practical it would be to take the bike up there for the final time. What is your recommendation?

    1. Gimme a call at 425-269-5332 and we can go over your options thats best for the bike

  10. Hey Nels:
    Sent you an Email earlier in the week. Up in Victoria BC and would like to ride my 2011 Duc Multistrada down for a reflash to the bike. Can it be done in a day or would I need to leave the bike with you and wander around aimlessly at the vineyards?

    1. We are no longer flashing the multistrada’s. A power commander tune yields the best results on those bikes for the price. A custom tune takes about an hour to an hour and a half on your bike.

  11. Great, sounds like a day trip. Can you supply the appropriate Power Commander so as I could schedule, arrive and drive away happy?

    1. You will need to contact Ducati Bellevue for the Power Commander 5 purchase and install, and once that is complete, ride up to the shop for the tune. It takes an hour to two for the full custom tune.

      1. Hi,

        Just wondering if you ever completed a tune for the guy named Steve from Victoria BC, with the Multistrada 1200S. I also live in Victoria, and I am considering having my Multi tuned by you…would love to talk to a local person who has had it done on the same bike!

        I can be reached by email…



  12. Hey Nels and Doug:
    I have the Power Commander but have a 24K service coming due in about 400Kms. While the tank is off and the valves are being done I intend to have the unit installed thern. It faults to standard setting for the 24K to be completed, then when the weather breaks, I will likely make the trek down to Nels for the final tweak. I have done a CAT delete and hooked up a GPR can, which sound kinda nicde to me. So, you are gonna have to wait to the new year for my final outcome. Nels can give you my Email addy if he would like.

    1. Sounds great shoot me an email at 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com when you’re ready!

  13. Have you done any new 821 Hypermotard? If so what gains did you achieve?

  14. Where is the shop?

    1. Address is under the contact information tab

  15. Trying to get a hold of you but not having any luck.

    1. Have you tried our email, 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com or phone call at 425-269-5332 or message our facebook.com/2wheeldynoworks ? What can we do for you

  16. I have a 2015 Hyperstrada and not happy with fueling below 6k rpm. Is it best to contact you direct for info? Would rather not send ECU via mail. I’m in Portland Or.

    1. 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com shoot us an email to go over your options

  17. Hi, I have a Bimota DB5R with a Ducati 1100DS engine. It has a Pegaso ecu. Is this something that you can work with?
    I am in Portland, thanks, Spike Cornelius

    1. We can but give me a call 425-269-5332 to go over more details

      1. Hello there. I have a Bimota DB5R too in Melbourne Australia. I cannot find anyone who have the required knowledge to work on the bike. The Bimota importer and service network is terrible. The bike is idling at 2,000 rpm and overheats when the weather is warm. Also i would like the bike dyno’d to improve fuelling.

        I have a dyno guy in my area who is willing to do the work but cannot find a way in to the pegaso ECU. Can you help point me in the direction of necessary info??

        Many Thanks Andrew

      2. You’ll have to get in touch directly with DynoJet or Bimota to find the exact model number power commander that’ll match with the ecu. Unfortunately we aren’t able to help without the bike here on the dyno. best of luck.

  18. I am looking at a 2013 1199 Panigale with a termi system and a termi “up” map. Seems to run pretty good.

    What do you recommend?

    1. PC5 and dyno tune would get you dialed in perfectly

  19. Good day! I’m from the philippines
    I got a 2012 848 evo corse se 2nd hand. The previous owner put a terminal slip ons, the previous owner did not noticed that the DTC and DQS is not functioning or is completely out…ducati forums says the DP ecu is not for the evo corse se…now problem is dealer does not want to replace the correct ECU anymore hence 3 years passed already since the wrong ecu was installed. Can I use the stock ECU so that the DTC and DQS will function? Do I get the performance gain out of the termi slip ons? Will it hurt the engine with this set up? Lastly, which ECU shall I have to remapped in order to have the DTC and DQS function and to have the performance gain of the termi slip ons?
    Thanks! in advance…
    Mark Santiago

    1. We recommend you talk to your local Ducati dealership for this issue.

  20. Pleasure talking to you Nels…
    Can’t wait for you to work your magic on my 15′ Multistrada…

    1. Thanks Gary !

  21. What benefits can I gain with an ECU Unleash on a Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro? What if I put an Akrapovic Homologated Slip-on and header?

    1. Unfortunately we do not support ECU flashing of any Ducati and refer you to your local Ducati dealership for anything involving that. We would happily tune it with a Power Commander afterwards though!

      1. Your blurb above talks all about your ECU Unleash for Ducatis, “The stock ECU reflash service I provide is called Ecu Unleashed…” But this last comment above says you do not support ECU flashing of any Ducati. Which is it?

      2. We recently stopped supporting the Ducati’s due to consistency issues with the flash. Once we get a more reliable option we’ll resume Ducati support. Our apologies for the conflicting information. We’ll get that updated shortly

  22. Hello,

    whats the gain in HP and TQ that I will get if i do the ECU unleash/Remapping?
    and is there other benefits besides the HP and TQ?
    2012 Ducati Panigale 1199s fully stock

    1. We’re still developing the Ducati ecu flash and don’t have final numbers yet but we will update the site when we do

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  24. Any updates on the monster 1100 evo re flash yet?

    1. At this time we are still waiting for the software to be written for it but we will definitely announce it as soon as we do

  25. Nells i taked to you earlier last year…is there anything new for a reflash on my 2015 multistrada? If so what can i expect?

    1. At this time there are no updates for your motorcycle.

  26. Morning, I have a 2013 diavel with full akrapovic exhaust. Last night on the dyno I put down 138hp and 84ftlbs with an air to fuel of 14.1. The bike runs good but I worried about how lean it is running. At this time I have the stock ecu. But am considering a power commander. I live in Alberta ( Edmonton area ). There isn’t much for Ducati turners out here. Any suggestions?

    1. You’ll want to get a power commander and then fine some shop who tunes v twins, a harley guy should be able to do it. The bike requires an individual cylinder balance tune, each cylinder needs it’s own fuel map working together, instead of the 1 map in there that’s compromising for both. For this you’ll need a power commander. 14:1 is a little on the lean side, would definitely want to see it closer to 13.2-4:1 depending on exhaust and conditions.

      At this time we do not have mail in ecu flashing services for that bike unfortunately.

  27. Good morning, is there an ECU re-flash available for a 2017 Monster 1200 S? Also, if I change the stock exhaust with a slip-on at a later date, would I need another re-flash?

    1. At this time we are only tuning the M1200 in house in the dyno with a PC5

  28. Hi i have a 1098s. I install the piston from the 1198 and port the heads, full exaust!! Want it to get more hp!!! And. Unlock rpm!!! What can we do???

    1. We can flash the ecu on the dyno. Send me an email for details

  29. This works for 2016 Ducati 1200 Multistrada Enduro? Also would have to do after warranty? I tried to find a power commander but couldn’t find one for this model.

    1. We’d refer you to your local ducati dealer for the parts and install and then we’d make the tune appointment

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