2 Wheel DynoWorks is proud to present our ecu flashing services for the FZ-07!

We’ve been doing some extensive R&D on the new FZ-07 and are happy to
provide brand new ECU Flashing services for this bike. We’ve found
some great improvements over stock and with aftermarket exhaust and

When coupled with a flash, we’ve found that removing snorkel makes
increases the midrange by 5% even stock pipe vs with the snorkel in.
We’ve also found that when couple with a flash, that if you remove the
snorkel plate, it increases the gains up to 7.5% through the midrange.

We found massive inconsistent timing curves from the factory, so we
went and individually by cylinder and gear smoothed timing, removed
the retards, smoothed the curves, and removed all of the limitations.

We’ve deactivated the injector decel cut which improves your off
throttle transitions.

We’ve lowered fan temps at to turn on at 205F, and off at 195F.

We found an extreme lean condition on bottom end stock, with an
extreme rich condition at the top end, so we created custom fuel
mapping on the manifold pressure map and throttle position sensor map.
This gained another 5% through the midrange and created a much
smoother cleaner running bike.

We currently have created full custom fuel maps for the M4 slip on cat
delete exhaust, Yoshimura full exhaust system, and Akrapovic Carbon
Fiber full exhaust system. With the baffle in, the Yoshimura makes
most power and runs better than with the baffle out. With the
Akrapovic system, baffle in/out maps are nearly the same, with small
3-4% fuel trims for baffle in. The differences are that with the
baffle in, you gain 1hp down at the bottom and lose it up top, while
with the baffle out, you lose 1hp down low but gain 1hp up top.

We have found that with a the factory fuel cut in the ecu, before the flash, the injector decel cut, actually powers down the fuel injectors and any fuel programmer connected, every time the bike sees high vacuum and then turns back on after a specific rpm and throttle position. If you already have an EJK fuel controller, it will stay on at all times and work substantially better after the flash.

With our ECU Flashing services you have unlimited upgrades available,
if you need to reflash for any changes you make all it costs is

$349 is the cost for the FZ-07 ECU Flash with two day return
shipping with USPS.

FZ-07 Dyno charts coming soon.

Nels with 2Wheel DynoWorks

Read more: http://fz07.org/thread/2612/welcome-2-wheel-dynoworks#ixzz3aif2NZqj

76 thoughts on “FZ-07

  1. Hi Nels,

    Have you run the Arrow long system? Interested to se the pwr and torque curves as my buttometer has much improved mid-range but it’d be nice to see… thanks.


    1. I have not run the Arrow on the fz07 just the fz and fj-09 as of right now. I would love to see how it goes.

  2. Hi Nels,
    Does flashing the ECU on the FZ-07 increase top seed as well?

    1. It does by 10-15mph, but not because of any limiter removal but because it makes more power.

  3. Hi,
    I was wondering what the turn around time to do your flash for customers in Canada. Specifically Ontario.
    Also, I have a Hindle exhaust system on my FZ 07, would you be able to do the tune through the mail? I didn’t see Hindle on your list of exhausts.

    1. Once the ecu hits our secured drop box, we pick it up, flash it and send it back out same day. The only hiccup can be with customs holding the package, sometimes it goes straight through, sometimes it can be held for a few days.

      At this time we do not have a Hindle specific file but we can go with something similar and see how it rides and once we get a Hindle exhaust file, the upgrade reflash is free.

  4. Will a flash improve over all performance and speed with out a aftermarket exhaust and then upon adding a exhaust later will it do any difference or need to be reflashed

    1. The answer to both is yes. The fz07 top speed is limited by its hardware, and not its software. As we flash the ecu and get the whole bike running as efficiently as possible, the power comes up and so does the top speed.

      Each flash is specific to the modifications of the bike, and once you go to an aftermarket exhaust, we have free upgrades to the new flash for the new exhaust after the first flash unlocks the ecu to us.

  5. I’ve called twice today to try to get up about getting my fz07 flashed and to ask some questions

    1. Phone number is 425-269-5332 give me a try again, leave voicemail if i don’t answer

  6. Im going to send you my ecu next week sometime. I’m on a bit of a time crunch only because its my daily, wondering if you could overnight it back to me.

    1. Absolutely, shipping is $20 for overnight

  7. Hello,
    I am interested mainly in removing the electronic top speed limiter. Does your flash eliminate any top speed limitation related to software?

    1. There is no electronic top speed limiter on the FZ-07, it is limited by the hardware. Our flash results in an increase in power, and as such, also an increase in top speed.

  8. Hi, my name is Ryan. I was wondering if you guys do anything with the fz07 two brothers s1r.

    Thank you.

    1. Send us an email to go over our current options for you.

  9. When will you release dyno graphs?

  10. Thanks guys, the flash worked out great – I appreciate you taking the time to research my Zard exhaust and make a custom map for me. And I’m still amazed that I sent it off to you (from Nashville) on Tuesday, and on Thursday of the same week I’m riding my FZ-07 and its running like a champ. Also, thanks for taking the time to walk me through all the details offer the phone!

    1. Thank you for the feedback! You are most welcome. We’d love it if you could post that to a google Facebook or Yelp review too!

  11. I have ordered the ixil L3xb exhaust for the fz07. On that exhaust the baffle can be pulled out an installed easy. So I plan on doing that when I go riding with friends and then putting it back in when I commute to work. What would be the difference between the tunes and would I need to add an EJK or Power commander?

    1. It won’t be a dangerous difference so you’ll be fine, you won’t need a fuel controller either.

  12. Hello 2wheeldynoworks,

    I’m really interested in doing an ECU flash. I have the Akrapovic Carbon exhaust.
    I’ve read somewhere (or seen a video on youtube, can’t quite remember) that your ECU flash reduces the engine braking on the FZ-07. Is that true? If yes, how much of a difference is it? I would love that as this bike as way too much engin braking to my personal liking.


    1. The ecu flash smooths out the entire bike and the on off throttle is greatly improved. It is something we can always change for you again as well with our free reflashes, for example if you want less than what our standard tune provides, we can change it up for your needs as well

  13. What about the Akrapovic titanium series, do you have custom maps for that as well?

    1. We absolutely do have maps for that. Call or email us for more information

  14. If I maintain the same riding habits, will the ECU flash change my fuel mileage?

    1. if you are able to, yes, your mileage should increase

  15. Of course I’m all about the bottom end of throttle wheelie tq this has. Will I lose any of that with a complete Yosh. and your flash…thanks, bill

    1. No, you’ll make more power everywhere with the flash.

  16. Do you have maps for Firetong Willymade exhaust? Do you ship to Brazil?

    1. I haven’t seen that exhaust here but we may have something very similar to it that could work. And yes we ship to Brazil. Send us an email 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com and we’ll go over your details.

  17. 15:25
    Hi, I’m from Romania and I am going to send you Yamaha FZ1 N. ECU from 2009 , the problem is that they are far from your country , my question is : You had a customer so far that you send ECU and I have problems with transportation or get lost on the way due to postal or any sort of transport ?
    Thanks expect an answer .

    1. You need to pay for insurance on your ECU in case it is lost in the mail. However with postage tracking nowadays, ecu’s dont generally get lost. We have customers everywhere in the world and have shipped everywhere in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and South America without issues.

  18. Have you been able to match or exceed the stock power with the m4 exhaust? I’ve heard that there is a loss of power with the m4. But I’m wondering how my fz07 will perform with your flash and the m4 exhaust. Thanks

    1. The M4 is doing about 2hp and 2tq more than a stock exhaust, both flashed.

      1. Hello Nels, I’ll be sending my ECU to you next Monday. With the M4 slip on, is there any difference between baffle in or out. I prefer to leave it out but I’m scared that the bike might run too lean and lose all the back pressure it needs with the baffle out. Thank you.

      2. We tune the bike for both situations and we actually make better power with the baffle removed! When you send the ECU make sure to include your contact phone number and we’ll give you a call once it arrives to confirm the modifications before flashing the ECU.

  19. Hi guys, I’m running a Yoshimura full exhaust along with your flashed ECU in my ’15 FZ07. It’s AMAZING, thank you guys so much!

    Question: I just installed a DNA air filter along with the stage 2 inlet. It flows considerably more air than the stock air filter. Should I be concerned about a lean condition?

    1. Give us a call, depending on the inlet change, we may need to reflash it for the new airflow.

  20. Is there a difference in hp on the M4 exhaust with the baffling vs without the baffle? Also, with the snorkel, are you talking about removing the entire snorkel or just the bottom section inside the box?

    1. Yes. And yes, the entire snorkel, not including the mount bracket. All the graphs are posted on the FZ-07 forums here http://fz07.org/thread/2625/fz-07-flash-dyno-charts

  21. Do you have a flash for the Danmoto XG1 exhaust on a 2016 FZ 07? I’ve ordered the exhaust today and I’m considering the flash instead of the power commander. Would the commander increase the the power more so with the flash or would the flash produce the same amount by itself? Thanks in advance.

    1. I don’t currently have a XG1 but give me a call and we can find something that may work for you. The power commander can’t give you a better tune than the flash as it is more limited in what it can adjust.

  22. hi, I have a Canadian 2015. Fz07. With the flash will I be able to switch between kilometres and miles or will it still be locked in kilometre? Thanks. I also would like a flash for the extra power!

    1. Yessir give us a call or email and we can go over all the details with you

  23. Can your ecu flash fix a change in speedometer readings if switching to a different sprocket configuration?

  24. Have you done any work on tuning for a hordpower intake? I’ve been thinking of getting one to go with my ixil ixrace exhaust. Also what benefits would I see/feel if I also used an ejk controller?

    1. We have worked with the hordpower boxes. We can get a great map flashed into your ecu for your setup. With our ecu flash you do not need a fuel controller as we include it in the flash.

  25. I live in Colorado Springs 6000 ft above sea level. Is that going to effect the flash in a negative way and can a fuel controller help if ut does?

    1. It won’t be an issue and yes a fuel controller can fix any issue if it arises in that way.

  26. Hello. I contacted you guys before via mms but I put this little project on the back burner. Now that it’s winter time I figure might as well yank the ecu and send it to you. I can’t seem to find info about how to pay and where to send my ecu for my 2016 Yamaha fz07. Thanks Demetri

    1. Send me a call/text 425-269-5332, email 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com. The Paypal account is also that email.

  27. Hi I’m about to purchase a 2017 FZ 07 my concerns are I live in a higher altitude roughly 6500 to 7500 feet above sea level, I know I want to do a full Yoshi exhaust and the DNA filter and box would my altitude affect the tuning drastically ?

    1. Nope it’ll work perfectly!

  28. What is the cost if sending from the UK? And how quickly can my ECU be returned?


    1. Cost is whatever the shipping company charges us, we don’t make money on shipping, we do exact quotes. Usually it is at least $40 to send to the UK. We ship it priority mail and usually its there within 3-5 business days. We flash and ship it within 1 business day of it arriving.

  29. What kind of power increase can I expect with a DNA air box lid and filter, m4 slip on without a silencer? Do I still need to buy a fuel controller?

    1. http://fz07.org/thread/2625/fz-07-flash-dyno-charts M4 will get you a great increase in the low and mid range. You will not need to buy a fuel controller, as we flash fuel changes into the ecu directly.

  30. Hey just wondering if you’ve ran the Firetong Willy Made exhaust for the fz 07 before?

    1. We haven’t had that exact exhaust on the dyno yet to build a tunefile for however it looks like it’s designed similar to other ones we have. We can use a tunefile for a similar built exhaust and see how it works. We’ve had good success with that in the past.

  31. Do you have a flash option for the fz07/mt07
    With a black widow 200 mm oval carbon exhaust system?

    1. Yes, send us an email to discuss details

  32. I have just recently done a CAT delete and have my exhaust setup as a straight pipe. Are you able to set up my ECU to accomade that?

    1. Absolutely

  33. Hi i have a full two brothers black seriese exhaust system. How do you guys know what correct fuel maps to reflash the ecu with? I do notice a loss of torque after i put the exhaust on.

    1. We create the tune files on the dyno on a bike that has that exhaust already on it. We do this for each exhaust and mod combination we get. We have hundreds of flash files for variations in exhausts, airbox mods, cams etc for all the different bikes.

  34. Hello,
    I’ve got the FTECU Flash Tune software and harness on my FZ-07 but I don’t have a base tune that I trust. You guys seem to come very highly recommended and was wondering if you also sell just the maps that I can flash?

    I’ve got the Akrapovic Carbon full exhaust and the stock air box and filter. I ride between 5000′ and up to 14,000 at times so the FTECU auto tune will be joining the mix at some point also.

    1. Unfortunately we do not sell our maps individually. Your bike does have a barometric pressure sensor which will auto adjust for the altitude differences though.

  35. Hello. I’m running the Ixil SX1. Do you have a flash option for it?

    1. Yes we sure do! Send me an email to discuss details

  36. Hi there, curious if there is enough of a difference in the full akrapovic carbon vs. the titanium exhausts to make a difference in tune? I also had contemplated getting a DNA air intake and filter, but if gains can be had by simply removing the snorkel and restrictor plate I think that’s the ticket. I’d love an opinion and maybe suggestions. The baffle is currently out of the akra titanium I have. What information do you require for the tune and flash process? Also does this raise the rpm limiter? And deactivate the governor?

    1. Yes there is a large difference in the tunes between the two exhaust systems. With the Ti, you will get an increase in power with the aftermarket filter and airbox plate. The bike isn’t limited by software but hardware and we definitely get it running better which will increase it’s top speed as well. Send me an email to go over more details. 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com Thanks!

  37. Hi,
    I took notice that the tunes that you have listed for the different exhausts don’t include aftermarket air filters like the K&N or DNA. I am interested in getting the DNA Stage 2 Kit for my FZ-07. Would you be able to accommodate something like that in conjunction with one of your listed tunes? If not would I be able have the AFR corrected without afrecting any of the other changes made by you on the ECU? I look forward to hearing back.

    1. Yes we do have air box flash options. Send me an email and we can discuss more options

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