Power Vision CX For Indian

Power Vision CX For Indian

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Dynojet Power Vision CX For Indian

A Power Vision CX is a great way for us to remap your Indian's stock ECU and perfectly tune your motorcycle on our dyno! The Power Vision CX allows us to overcome/remove the factory programmed restrictions and limitations that are built into the factory ECU, as well as customize the fuel and ignition mapping to perfectly suit your specific aftermarket modifications (intake, exhaust, cams, etc).

Power Vision CX is a performance tuner and data monitor for Indian Motorcycles that offers the latest flash tuning technology, real-time data monitoring, and other industry exclusive features. The Power Vision CX product Suite includes a handheld flash device, vehicle interface cable, and Power Core (Windows PC based tuning and data logging application).


  • Fueling revised for maximum power and torque
  • Spark timing optimized for 91-93 octane fuel
  • Rev limit raised
  • Speed limits raised
  • Torque limiting functions reduced or eliminated
  • Revised drive-by-wire throttle profiles
  • Dimensions: 3.7" x 2.4" x 0.77"
  • Screen Size: 2.3" x 1.3"
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs
  • Mount: 30mm x 38mm, M4-0.7
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