ZX-6R 636 Hindle Sport Performance Package
ZX-6R 636 Hindle Sport Performance Package
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ZX-6R 636 Hindle Sport Performance Package

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This Performance Package combines the outstanding performance of the Hindle ZX-6R Full Carbon Exhaust system and our custom 2 Wheel DynoWorks ECU flash! The full retail value of everything included in this Performance Package is $1,274.99 plus shipping, but when we bundle this Performance Package together you save $200 and shipping is FREE.

Included in this Performance Package:

Hindle ZX6R/ZX636 Full Carbon Exhaust

Over 35 years of racing and research development has made Hindle a worldwide leader in performance aftermarket exhaust systems. Hindle prides themselves in being front runners in performance, quality and innovation. Providing complete exhaust systems that yield significant horsepower gains and weight reduction for the street and most importantly, the race track! By using thin gauge stainless steel front sections, Hindle offers significant weight reduction (in comparison with stock systems), top-shelf performance and high quality fit and finish. Hindle's stainless steel headers are so light that the weight is comparable to titanium, but at a fraction of the cost! Stainless steel is very durable, giving you years of use while withstanding the rigors of the road and race track. Compared to stock exhaust systems, Hindle systems shed from 10-30 pounds from OEM and are designed produce increased power across the entire rev range (not just up top). The all new redesigned Evolution muffler shape paired with a sleek end cap offers all the performance you expect with great style and that legendary Hindle sound! The all new EVO muffler now uses the best high temperature packing in the industry. Packing that lasts up 3-4 times longer than standard fiberglass means less maintenance and consistent power all season long. Spend less time repacking mufflers and more time riding! Mufflers are available in Stainless Steel, Black Ceramic, Titanium or Carbon Fiber for most systems. Note: This Performance Package comes with the Carbon Fiber muffler standard. Please contact us for pricing on other available muffler finishes!

2WDW Custom ECU Flash

ECU flashing is not only more cost effective than other tuning alternatives, but it is far superior because it also allows for more precise tuning of fuel maps which automatically compensate for changing atmospheric conditions. It allows for modification of parameters that are not otherwise tunable, such a throttle valve actuation. 

Our mail in ECU flash service also comes with unlimited ECU re-flash services as long as you own your motorcycle. All future re-flash services are free of charge. The only cost you are responsible for is return shipping of your ECU.

Custom Flashing Service:

  • Custom IAP Fuel Maps
  • Custom TPS Fuel Maps
  • Custom Secondary Throttle Plate (STP) Opening Maps
  • Custom Ignition Timing Maps
  • QuickShifter (requires Race Tools)
  • Launch Control (requires Race Tools)
  • Pit Lane Limiter (requires Race Tools)
  • Race Shift Pattern (requires Race Tools)
  • Custom Injector Balance Maps
  • Custom Ram Air Maps
  • Adjust RPM Limiters
  • Adjust Fan Temperature
  • Custom Exhaust Valve Opening Maps
  • Disable Stock O2 Sensor
  • Disable Fuel Cut
  • Disable PAIR Valve
  • Disable Exhaust Valve
  • Disable Tip Over Sensor (TOS)


Just complete the following steps

STEP 1: Place your order below.

STEP 2: Remove your ECU and package it for shipment to:

2 Wheel Dynoworks - 13209 NE 126th Pl STE 460 Kirkland, WA 98034

When mailing in your ECU, please include a small note with your contact details and list of modifications done to your bike. You may include this in your package or email it to support@2wheeldynoworks.com

STEP 3: Receive your ECU, install, and enjoy your completely transformed 13-18 ZX6R!