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At 2 Wheel DynoWorks we provide all of your performance upgrade needs in one shop. Call 425-269-5332 or email to set up an appointment for your motorcycle for dyno tuning, ecu flashing, and hardware installs.

Dyno Tuning – Our specialty is dyno tuning. We tune over 1,000 bikes per year, everything from dirt bikes, cruisers, sport, road race, drag strip, forced induction, fuel injection or carbureted, anything from 25cc-2500cc that’s on two wheels, we’ve tuned it, and many times. We tune national level winning racers for flat track, road race, and some of the top drag strip riders in the world.

We are a DynoJet dealer and are experts with Power Commander units but have vast experience with the other makes and models of bolt on piggy back fuel and ignition controllers such as Bazzaz, Screamin’ Eagle, Juicebox, Dobeck EJK and TFI etc

ECU Flashing – On many bikes, we now have the amazing opportunity to “flash” or reprogram, the ECU of the bike. This allows us to remove any restrictions or limitations and then also tune the engine to run optimally. The results are incredible, with very smooth usable power where your right wrist is really connected to the rear tire.

We are official dealers for  FlashTune, and Woolich Racing. We use a variety of over one dozen different ECU flashing softwares to make sure that we have the right tool to get the most out of your bike.

Install – We install performance hardware. Exhausts, power commanders, air intakes, block off plates, Carrozzeria wheels, whatever parts you’d want installed and tuned for, we have you covered. Our pricing is usually below retail on any hard parts. However if you choose to purchase online, you can also ship your parts straight to us to install on your bike!

We are dealers for Carrozeria Wheel , Woodcraft-CFM and Hindle Exhuast and Graves Motorsports 

We off discounts when you bundle an exhaust system and ECU Flash!

Optimum Performance Motorsports – Need tires? We share our shop location with Optimum Performance Motorsports. If you need new tires installed, bike serviced, factory interval maintenance etc, they are the guys to go to for top notch professional service.


$100 – Hourly rate

$69 – Horsepower and Torque run.

$219-$269– Complete tuning and a full map custom made for your motorcycle.
Graphs are included at no charge. Twins start at $269.

$299-$599 ECU Tuning – pricing depending upon make and model.

ECU Shipping Address :

2 Wheel DynoWorks

13631 NE 126th PL
Suite 420
Kirkland, WA, 98034

6 thoughts on “Services

  1. 2 Wheel Dyno,

    I have a 2013 GSX-R that has a PowerCommander and a slip-on Yoshi exhaust. At some point in the next month or so, I would like to come get a compete full tune, possible ECU flash, and for you to look over my bike so I can get maximum possible HP and torque out of my bike, even if that means to add some more aftermarket parts to it. My bike has a good tone, but I wouldn’t mind getting it slightly louder if possible without doing major modifications.

    Thanks for your time,
    Scott McLaughlin

    1. Sounds great send us an email at to set up a time for an appointment or call at 425-269-5332

  2. Can you do hp and tq runs on cars?

    1. Yes but we do them at CarbConn in Kirkland, WA.

  3. I have a 2000 Yamaha WR 400. I recently rebuilt the carb, cleaned the air filter and installed a new FMF quad 4 quiet pipe with spark arrestor. I have all the left over carb parts including all the new jets. I would love to bring my bike to your shop and have you do your manic of fine tuning it. Would you prefer that I leave it with you and you can call when it’s ready? Any ball park figure how much that might run? Do you have a long waiting list? I think it’s mostly checking the finding and adjusting the carb settings. I swore I’d never get a bike or quad without EFI and Power Commander but it just wasn’t in the budget this time. Please feel free to contact me anytime via email, text or cell. Thank you! Thomas

    1. Give us a call or email, starts at $69 and can take as little as 15 minutes depending on how good the jetting is. If we gotta change jets it adds some hours

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