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Tuning and BMW has a different set of rules. It’s not about peak horsepower really so much as it’s but smoothness, ride-ability and fuel economy. The factory engine management systems on the BMW’s are much more powerful than almost any other bike. The factory ecu runs the bike in closed-loop on the stock O2 sensors for nearly 80% of the possible tuning resolution. Open loop on a BMW is a rare occasion unless you’re at full throttle and high revs.
When tuning BMW’s with a single O2 sensor, they need to be accompanied with a Wide Band Commander, that allows us to adjust and tune closed and open loop areas. We can change the factory target air fuel ratio from 14.7 emissions target, to any air fuel ratio we want for ride-ability, fuel economy, efficiency and power. When the BMW’s have opposing cylinders and twin O2 sensors from the factory, we bypass the factory O2 sensors, eliminating the closed loop function, install a PowerCommander and build an individual cylinder tune balancing the left and right cylinders together. Smoothness, throttle response, and low to mid range power gains, will be biggest noticeable difference when completing a proper cylinder balance tune.
K series – Everyone knows you have enough horsepower.  We can get you more, but our primary focus is connecting you to the motorcycle. Specifically on the K1200, we have the ability to bypass the super lean closed loop operation, install a PowerCommander for complete open loop tuning/engine tuning. We build custom airbox modifications and after installing air filter and slip on pipe, when extra noise is wanted while saving weight and reducing exhaust heat, we can make these bikes a Hayabusa killer. Literally we can take your K12000 from being herky jerky off the bottom, heavy, with heat issues, into a lighter weight, quick, fast efficient motorcycle. We’re seeing 25hp wheel horsepower gains. 165whp 98ft lbs tq. 25hp gain across the board.
S1000RR/HP4/Competition – We have a lot of experience tuning these bikes.  We recommend a full Akropovic or Arrow exhuast system. This will get you the air flow capability that you need and build the midrange of the bike. Best results tuning results come from PowerCommander tuning. All ecu flashes that we’ve tested and proven to not be worth the money. We’ve had extreme success tuning this motorcycle, we’ve found that all aftermarket parts for performance gains, do not perform as they should. Alpha Racing is a joke, they do not work. We’ve done extensive testing at the Dynojet facility and our current location, and found that a stock bike with a good exhaust, PowerCommander and proper fueling tune, will get about where you need to be. bypass closed loop system. we have various S1000RR’s racing multiple circuits, ama/wera/afm/motoamerica/wmrra/omrra. We’ve had extreme success running at these race levels with stock engines, bolt on mods, stock ecu’s and proper tuning. Marcel Irnie is one of our successful S1000RR racers where we’ve done testing on many different performance modifications

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  1. Bill Layer

    I test road a 2016 BMW S1000R which I was very impressed with and has me thinking about buying one. If I do I would put a full exhaust system on it and wondered what you would recommend both for the system and getting the fueling correct. My main goals are to improve the looks (the stock exhaust system is seriously ugly), the sound (but I don’t want to piss the neighbors off too much), and get a little more out of the motor. I mostly will use it on the road but like to do some track days, so maybe two maps for with insert baffle and without if you think that’s best. I would like an estimate of what you recommend doing and approximate costs. I live in Boise so I could get it to your shop for the tuning work with some planning. Bill Layer 208-484-7059

    November 16, 2016 at 8:36 AM

    • Absolutely we can get your BMW dialed in. It does require a little extra prep work so give us a call 425-269-5332 when you’re getting ready to pull the trigger on it and we can get you set up with everything you need before bringing it over

      November 20, 2016 at 2:31 PM

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