Carburetor Bikes

We have a lot of experience with carb’d bikes of all ages, makes and models, customs, classics, cafe’s, dirt bikes etc. We have the ability to diagnose, uninstall, clean, rebuild, reinstall, or repair carbs, balance and dyno tune. There is a multi step process when properly tuning a carbd motorcycle. First step is base line on dyno. This tells us how the bike is currently running, it datalogs and graphs, pilot needle and main jet circuits leading us in the right direction of optimizing you application. Once we have a gameplan/direction, we can clean repair fix re-jet adjust, then confirm our changes on the dyno when we’re done to verify/correct accurate changes were made. We are open to customers working on their own bikes, we do a lot of vintage motorcycles where customers bring in vintage bikes, do baselines, make their own changes, then return for verification. Costs start at $69 and go up depending on how much work is needed to be done on the bike.

Generally speaking, a full carb rebuild and tune will cost $100 per carb plus dyno time, average total is usually around $299 but varies depending on number of carbs.

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