Reviews can be found on local forums such as PNWRiders, PNWmoto, Yelp, Facebook, and Google Reviews . There is also an article on Revzilla 

Some quotes from my customers:

Hey Nels,

Just wanted to follow up and share my observations since yesterday. I
Could probably just sum it up by saying WOW! I would’ve rated the bike
at 10/10 before, which means I would have to say that it is 11/10 now.
Everything that I loved about it before got that much better.

What I noticed immediately was how much better behaved it was at
idle/slow speeds. Eliminating the hesitation, or shudder, has made the
bike a lot more predictable and user friendly in traffic. I also found
that the bike rode a lot smoother at a 25 or 35mph cruise. The
powerband is a lot more consistent throughout the entire range as
opposed to the abrupt jump at around 7k rpm. This has made the bike a
lot more predictable at freeway speeds and doesn’t require as frequent
gear changes. I will have to relearn how to feel what speed I am
going; the bike gets up to speed a lot quicker and it is so smooth
that you don’t realize it until you see that you are already at 110+.

The bike feels amazing and I had great expectations but didn’t
anticipate such a transformation. I appreciate your work and my wife
and I are excited to have you work on the SV next!

Thanks again,

Jay:Just thought I’d show you guys some of Nels’ work. He tuned my VFR800 a few weeks ago. Air fuel mixture was WAY off…he spent two hours fine tuning the PC3, and the results were astounding! Check out the air fuel mixture graph below. The bike runs 100% better all through the rev range! I am so impressed with his work, if you need dyno tuning, he is definitely the man to go to…i got everything and more, plus gained about 3 horse and 3lbs of torque everywhere. the new low end response is incredible

Cliff: Took my RC to Nels because it was running crappy. Turned out the bike was running so lean it was choking across the board. Nels spent an hour or so on it creating a custom map. After he was done working his magic the bike is a rocket!

It picked up 12hp and almost 18ftlbs in the mid range. It picked up 10hp and 8ftlbs on the top end.

Before 111.25hp
After 121.36hp

Before 63.72ftlbs
After 71.63ftlbs

Dave: “Nels worked his magic on my R1 yesterday. Gained roughly 6 hp and 5 ft lbs of torque from 6krpm on up. His price was outstanding, charged me less than half of what I was quoted by some other local tuners.”

Jim: “I managed to gain 10 full horespower and 6 ftlbs of torque. Bike sounds better even.”

Red: “Nels walked me thru step by step from start to finish. The end result was a bike that gained rwhp (153.92) and dramaticly noticeable performance instantly.

• Power Band is smooth from low -mid- high rpm range
• Throttle response is instant (wheelies are excellent, because throttle response is consistent and requires little wrist movement)
• Removed lag in shifting points
• AF ratio detailed adjustment (helping improving gas mileage)
• Gain 5.66 hp in low range
• Gain 3.72 hp in mid range ”

Greg “So I had wanted to get my 929 tuned for a while and when Nels came onboard this site with his magical skills and offered them at a great price, I had to take this offer up.

What I learned was nothing but some of the greatest customer service I have ever experienced from someone working on one of my motorcycles. He told me everything that was wrong within the first run on the dyno and from there he set off to correct everything all while I was standing there watching and learning.

He ran into a slight issue since my bike is so tempermental but he got it worked out quite quickly.

Overall my bike runs a hell of a lot better now and not choppy in certain areas and I gained about 3 horsepower and a few foot lbs of torque.”