Tuning Specialties

ECU Flashing, Carburetors, Dirt, Forced Induction, Fuel Injection Singles, Twins, Triples, Inline 4’s

We work on everything. And we do it a lot. We dyno tune on average over 1,500 bikes per year. Literally, every kind of motorcycle, carburetors, fuel injected, forced injection, NOS (nitrous oxide), alternative fuels, standards, Harley’s, metric cruisers, tourers, adventure bikes, sport bikes, race bikes (locally and MotoAmerica),  flat trackers, dirt bikes, sumo/supermoto’s etc. We have hundreds of thousands of dyno passes on thousands of different bikes. We’ve seen all the mods, exhausts, tricks and tips to getting bikes to run their best.

Ecu Flashing

We flash ECU’s. We’ve flashed thousands of ECU’s over the years. We’ve spent countless hours on countless bikes on countless modifications getting these flash files down perfect. We use feedback from street riders, track riders, track racers (professional and amateur), and the dyno to create the best flashes we can for your bikes. Nothing is set in stone, we can adjust, tweak, change anything to get it just right and just how you like it. Most motorcycles made since 2006 have software limitations put into them by the manufacturer. We go in and fix them and the results are astonishing. If you have a bike that is newer than 2006, give us a call or email to see how we can radically transform your bike.

We started tuning engines via ecu flashing on cars and then once the technology moved into motorcycles, we began doing that as well. We are at the forefront of this technology, doing the R&D from the very beginning with every company we could work with on every bike we could get into the shop. We work with professional race teams across the country, dealerships and companies around the globe to continue being on the front lines of this cutting edge technology that continues to evolve as the bikes get better and better (and also, as software becomes more and more important in regards to regulating performance from the EPA and manufacturers)

Carburetor Bikes

We have a lot of experience with carb’d bikes of all ages, makes and models, customs, classics, cafe’s, dirt bikes etc. We have the ability to diagnose, uninstall, clean, rebuild, reinstall, or repair carbs, balance and dyno tune. There is a multi step process when properly tuning a carbd motorcycle. First step is base line on dyno. This tells us how the bike is currently running, it datalogs and graphs, pilot needle and main jet circuits leading us in the right direction of optimizing you application. Once we have a gameplan/direction, we can clean repair fix re-jet adjust, then confirm our changes on the dyno when we’re done to verify/correct accurate changes were made. We are open to customers working on their own bikes, we do a lot of vintage motorcycles where customers bring in vintage bikes, do baselines, make their own changes, then return for verification. Costs start at $69 and go up depending on how much work is needed to be done on the bike.

Generally speaking, a full carb rebuild and tune will cost $100 per carb plus dyno time, average total is usually around $299 but varies depending on number of carbs.


Yes we can tune dirt bikes and have extensive experience with the single and dual cylinder, two stroke and four stroke motorcycles. We can dyno the bikes with dirt tires on them but it is easier with super moto or enduro tires. We can tune all carbureted and fuel injected systems, including Wiseco, Two Brothers Juice Box, and PowerCommander. The bikes respond extremely well to proper fueling down low and extra fuel at the top to keep them safe in racing and high load applications. We can tune high compression aftermarket cams in big bore systems as well. All of this creating extra throttle response, fuel economy, horsepower, and most importantly reliability. This applies to all brands with engine management systems or carburetor kits available.

Forced Induction

Forced induction applications require tuning with a different set of rules. You have to be much more careful in keeping the cylinder temperatures lower because of the increased pressure and temperatures added from the turbocharger, supercharger or nitrous. These create extreme combustion chamber temperatures, so retarding the timing and adding fuel is a must. All forced induction applications are tuned to no leaner than a 12:1 air/fuel ratio. This is important to prevent pre-detonation and ensure reliability. All throttle percentages are step tested and tuned with the appropriate amount of fuel and timing curves based on boost pressure.

I am able to tune all engine management systems including map sensor, fuel pressure regulator, waste gate control, fuel and timing systems.

We have a lot of experience tuning forced induction motorcycle engines, whether they be in a motorcycle or in a buggy/car/sand quad/race car application.

Fuel Injection

Singles, triples, and inline 4’s all benefit greatly from getting the timing and fueling proper. We have dyno tuned thousands of these bikes. We have a variety of options for how we do that but most often it’s with a piggy back fuel module like a PowerCommander.

Twins get some of the biggest benefits of our tuning. Off the showroom floor, twins such as Harley-Davidson, metric cruisers, Ducati etc truly need proper tuning. Since they basically are two engines sharing one crankshaft, they need two different fuel maps. We individually cylinder balance tune the engine which gets each cylinder the fuel and timing it needs to run optimally and balance it against the other cylinder so that they’re working properly in conjunction with each other.

4 thoughts on “Tuning Specialties

  1. Hey Nels I have a 2006 R6 with a PC3. I bought the bike with it already installed so I dont know if its been tuned. I was wondering if I should have it tuned with the PC3 or with ECUunleashed or both? I know ECUunleashed has more options then PC3 but will it make my bike run better then the PC3? Thanks.

    1. Thank you or the email. Yes, best would be to unleash and then trim the pc3 to the new ecu flash. Please call, I have a few questions about the bike and a lot of info for you. Thanks Nels 4252695332

  2. Hello Nels, I have a victory cross country with cams, advanced timing wheel , reworked pipes and high flow air filter. Have you done any vic 106 motors with similar upgrades?m

    1. Absolutely! You’ll need a PowerCommander5 and with that we perform an individual cylinder balance tune and get you rockin!

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