Why Dyno Tuning Is So Important!

You only have so much talent

When riding a motorcycle, we have so much to think about sometimes it can be overwhelming. We are so used to hopping in our car, closing the door, turning on the stereo and then we pretty much check out from there. It doesn’t require a lot of talent or concentration to drive our cars, especially when we have so much experience driving them. A motorcycle is much different, if we all didn’t share such a crazy love or obsession for this dangerous sport, getting from point A to point B would be much easier and safer. So the goal is to explain the importance of setting up your motorcycle. I specialize in getting the motorcycle to do what you tell it to do, when you want it to do it.

Every person is only given only so much talent (consider talent a balance in your personal bank account). We can improve on that amount of talent with practice and lessons (adding to the balance) but we also have to be aware of some of the things that require some of the little talent we have (drawing from that balance) to ride a motorcycle. For example, having bad tires, bad suspension, improper chassis setup and engine performance all rob some of your talent (drawing from your balance again) not leaving you much to figure out how to ride the bike. If you have bad tires, your focus will be on not slipping around and paying extra attention to corner speeds and road conditions (get the idea?). If you have bad suspension your bike will not properly stop, turn, or stick to the ground. If your chassis, handle bars and rear sets are not properly adjusted to you, you will be uncomfortable and not able to reach your controls or you will find your hands and feet falling asleep. In conclusion, if your engine is not running right, with the best tires, suspension and chassis setup, it can require all of your talent (your entire balance) to take off from a stop light and just get the bike just down the road (possibly putting you in the negatives in your account). If we can eliminate all the variables that rob little pieces of your talent, you can focus more on the building of your talent (being in the black, instead of in the red) and the enjoyment of riding your bike.

So let’s get to the part I do…the engine is the heart of the motorcycle and it’s critical that the motorcycle does what you tell it to do. I will help you to create a relationship with your bike that connects the rear tire directly to your wrist, there should be no reason that your motorcycle does not do exactly what you ask it to. So, that is where I come in. My primary tool is called a Dynamometer. Everyone calls it a “Dyno” for short. The dyno is a diagnostic tool that allows us to simulate riding the bike on the road in a controlled setting. While riding the bike on the dyno, I hook your bike up to numerous computer systems that allow me to see exactly whats going on with your engine and engine management system. With a few extra tools and parts we can make changes and make the bike run better. By dyno tuning the bike, I am simulating riding the bike and making changes to the engine management system until the bike runs perfectly. My goal is to connect your wrist to the bikes rear tire and get it doing exactly what you tell it to when you ask it to smoothly and without hesitation.

-Fuel economy, ride-ability and power in same program

By dyno tuning we can obtain better fuel economy, ride-ability and extra power all at the same time. Dynos are not just about making the bike faster like most people think, it is about optimizing your bike’s various functions. Horsepower is translated to energy, but it is the only measuring tool I have to see if the changes I made are correct. If I am dyno tuning and the horsepower goes up and gets smoother, I know I’ve made the correct changes. If the horsepower goes down, then it is an indicator I made an incorrect adjustment. The benefits of increasing the horsepower are not just to go faster, it will enhance all throttle inputs and help you in all riding conditions. For example, if you are riding on the freeway and it requires 20% throttle to maintain 60mph, by increasing the horsepower through dyno tuning, it may only require 12% throttle to maintain the same speed. With that said, fuel economy will be substantially improved.

-Confidence building

Dyno tuning your motorcycle can help boost your confidence. On most modern motorcycles, when you take off from a stoplight, the bike will chug, vibrate the handlebars and at times even stall. This requires you to twist on the throttle, rev the bike and burn the clutch just to get it going. It can be very unnerving to deal with a problem like this, especially in a parking lot at slow speeds. An example of a bike needing dyno tuning is when you are on the freeway or in a corner and the bike will surge, causing you to go on and off the throttle back and forth just to get the bike to do what you want. Dyno tuning can fix these issues and give you the confidence that your bike will respond to you, allowing you to smoothly let out the clutch and take off with very little throttle. Imagine cruising on the freeway, with barely any effort, holding one constant speed, relaxing and enjoying the ride instead of trying to just stay at the right speed.  That is how dyno tuning can help you build confidence with your ride.

-Less service and maintenance 

With a properly dyno tuned bike, you will not only make the bike run better but can prolong the time period between servicing and maintenance. Your current tune-up, parts, oil change, tires, brakes, throttle cables, and engine can last substantially longer. With the engine running smoother and now burning the proper amount of fuel, we have seen oil changes for as far as 5000-10000 miles, spark plugs go 25,000-30,000 miles and engines seem to last indefinitely. We can also use the dyno to diagnose problems and even forsee future problems. It can tell us if we need spark plugs, valve adjustments, problems with a slipping clutch, timing belts and engine rebuilds.

Dyno tuning usually requires purchasing programmers, resistors or parts but is worth it in the long run. On all bikes, no matter if they are brand new or in complete stock format, dyno tuning is important. The more mods you put on your bike, the further away you get from the stock exhaust and other components, the more critical dyno tuning becomes.  When you have combined purchasing and installing performance parts, programmers and dyno tuning, you will find it will enhance your riding experience so much you will fall in love with your motorcycle all over again. That is the ultimate goal: To get more people on their bike and loving the ride.

Nels with 2Wheel DynoWorks


43 thoughts on “Why Dyno Tuning Is So Important!

  1. Hey Nels, I have a 2007 Zx10R, You wrote “On most modern motorcycles, when you take off from a stoplight, the bike will chug, vibrate the handlebars and at times even stall.” What is needed, or required to smooth this out?

    1. A fuel controller and a proper dyno tune smooths out those issues. Give me a call at 425-269-5332 and we can discuss options for your bike!

  2. I have a 2012 Vulcan 900 Kawa My local shop installed the Power Commander 5 & Cobra exhaust Dragster.
    I feel we can do more The bike runs great at 50 to 70 mph but lower speeds not so great
    Please let me know if you wish to check it out and ball park price for the new map & run and a schedule time to do this
    Thank you Mark Fossati 425 7378195

    1. I’ll give you a call shortly!

  3. Bought a 2002 RC51 from a guy named Eric. He told me of a guy with a dyno on a trailer that is well known. I’m assuming this is you nels. Bike has FMF pipes and a PC III. He never got a tune on it and told me that’s about all it would need. Power is easy and smoothish. But I think a clean map would be a great improvement. Great site btw. It’s nice to see someone put more then a phone number out there. Give me a call and hopefully you might be out near Tacoma in a few months

    1. Shoot me a call at 425-269-5332 or email at 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com We are down in Tacoma a few times a week at Redline Motorsports, you get to be in the dyno room and watch the bike get tuned, no dropping off and waiting necessary! Cost is $199.

  4. I have an 08 Hayabusa that I am considering flashing the ECU. It has a Brocks full system sidewinder on it. Aftermarket air filter, and TRE. It’s also extended about 6 inches and lowered a little.
    What would it cost to have it tuned, as it has never been tuned before? Should I tune it before flashing or after? Are you located in Florida? How long does a tune last? Do I need a PC (5) for maintaining self tuning?

  5. Nels… what programmer do you recommend for 2014 HD touring bikes? What do you think of the Vance and Hines FP3??

    1. Power Commander is my recommendation but I can tune with anything you have.

      1. Nels, What is your opinion about AutoTune. Do you recommend it after having you tune it or is it just a waste of money if I am having you do the Dyno?


      2. If you don’t have access to a dyno tuner, it’s great at what it does. However, if you do, you can sell the AT to cover the cost of the tune 🙂

  6. I have a 2011 R1 with Leo Vince full exhaust, PAIR block offs, Pipercross filter, Euro airbox mod, and Bazzaz with auto tune. I’ve been playing around with the tune on the street for sometime and have my map between 13.2 (cruising) and tapering off to 13.0 at WOT. Seems to be doing decent compared to before I put the map together. My question is would dyno tuning be accurate on the track if the tune is done with the bike stationary, due to the lack of ram air it would be seeing at speeds of 140-150mph? The airbox mod let a lot more air into the motor compared to how it was from the factory, so I had to richen up my top end a little and run the auto tune for it to adjust. I’m just curious if a stationary tune will still be accurate with the ram air compensation on the street/track. Thanks in advance.


    1. Shoot me an email at 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com and we can go over more details!

  7. 09 gsxr 600 PCV, olson midpipe (cat delete), FMF Apex slipon and k&n filter. Cost for a dyno tune? Thanks.

  8. Hey guys is 113.51 ok for a 2012 nightrod special. ..have just had it dyno’ed

    1. Sounds good, how’s it ride is the important part! How’s the air fuel ratio? Did they individually cylinder balance the tune?

  9. Does owning a PC V and an auto tune, and knowing how to use them, replace the need for a dyno tuning concerning the engine?


    1. Give me a call i’d love to discuss it with you

  10. Hi, I was wondering if you guys can help, I have a 2009 yamaha fz1n full yoshimura exaust I had a power commander fitted and a k &n air filter, but all this was done with the baffle in, if I take the baffle out will this hurt my engine? Or need a retune?

    1. It will make a slight difference in the tune. You’ll want to get the tune adjusted to match the change.

  11. Hey nels. I just put a 106 big bore kit in my 08 ultra classic. It has 585 cams. Heads were done. Vance and Hines true duals. I have the power commander V auto tune. Still running real rich. Re mapped a couple times. Would getting it dyno’d fix this? Some smoke out of left exhaust at idle.

    1. We can absolutely fix that send me an email to set up an appointment.

  12. I have a 2015 ninja ex650, just looking to get a little more out if the bike, can you tell me what this would run?

    1. You’d need a power commander 5 with a dyno tune. Email me for pricing as it fluctuates.

  13. I knew that many high end performance cars used dyno tuning to get the most out of their engines. It makes sense that motorcycles would benefit from the same applications. It sounds like having your motorcycle tuned correctly can also help to smooth out the ride so engaging the clutch and throttle aren’t as difficult. If I ever get a motorcycle, I’ll have to look into getting it tuned to help with performance, rideability, and improving reliability.

  14. Hey Nels, I have a 2014 street triple R, just wanted to see how much it would be to tune the bike. And if I would need a commander, or if you can flash the ECU. At the moment the Arrow Map from triumph is on the ECU.

    1. You’d need a power commander 5 and the dyno tune is $189. Unfortunately Triumph locked out their ECU’s mid 2013 and we’re no longer able to flash the current models.

  15. Hi
    I have tried to dyno test 2014 Bmw bikes GS 1200. Where the cpu automatically shuts down the engine in emergency mode if front wheel does not turn and bike is excellareted to more then 15 mph Do you have experience on how to get a bike to work on a dyno



    1. Send me a call or email.

  16. Hello I have a 2012 Electra glide added the mva heads and Pistons. Also woods 777 cams now I’m getting white smoke . Plus it hasn’t been dyno please help me out here 😥😥

    1. Give me a call ASAP 425-269-5332

  17. Nels – I have 2015 Harley street bob 103ci. With V&H shortshots slip ons – & screaming eagle air cleaner Stagec1 download. Had it dyno tuned at a shop with Bazzaz dyno and power vision fuel pack . It increased HP & Torque BUT can’t get rid of hesitation in throttle on take off and revving into a down shift . The tech was only trained in January this year so that might be a factor he’s been on it a few times with no luck – I gave him one last time then I will go to another more experienced tech. So , any suggestions or ideas from you that might solve this problem ? Thanks for any help !!

    1. Gimme a call, we can get ya running right

  18. Good words!. Nels, I have a 14 streetglide special, V & H slip-ons & billet stage 1 intake. I have ordered power vision tuner & headpipe which comes with a mapping. So can’t I just load it in & be done & the bike will run fine??? Or should I dyno it??

    1. We’d highly recommend getting it tune specifically to your bike. Give me a call 425-269-5332 or email Nels@2wheeldynoworks.com and we can go over everything in detail.

      1. OK thanks

  19. I have a 2012 Harley Davison iron 883 with the s&s 1200 conversion kit with stock 883 heads. A long 2-1 pipe and high flow intake. Standard HD stage one 1200 flash, still getting a decel pop stalling starts at lights. Still breaking the newish motor in at about 300miles. Wondering if a dyno tune is needed

    1. You’ll wanna install a PowerCommander and then get it on the dyno for a custom individual cylinder balance tune

    2. Absolutely a dyno tune is needed. Send me an email and we’ll go over the details

  20. I am a new time bike enthusiasts. I had no idea bikers world is so vast knowledge and speciality. I have heard so much about dyno tuning flash tuning Brock’s tuning ect.. and I know not where to begin I found this web post just coming through mini commentaries I am wondering if it’s possible and if you are near my area to ask you your price on tuning my bike 2016 S1000RR ..BMW. it’s so great feeling a family of support …My son says corny dad! I’m in the nj tristate area ..if not maybe someone I can say you have recommended me to.. thanks very much keep up the good work. A.B.

    1. Unfortunately we are in Washington state and not close enough to you to help. We tune the BMW’s on the dyno through a PCV or through the race ecu programmer. Best of luck!

  21. Good for why having it done, but I wanted to know how they do it, how much throttle n how long is it running ,hard on engine ?

    1. Give us a call to discuss details. It varies depending on the bike

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