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Not only are Yamaha’s the best looking bikes on the market but with proper engine management they can run pretty good too! Yamaha makes a very balanced engine but is also very neutered for emissions and sound regulations. Using secondary butterflys, air injection systems, rev limiters, fly by wire throttle and timing retards, they limit their machines. Adjusting all of these parameters can make your hot looking show bike run track worthy.

We are able to flash the ECU’s on almost all Yamaha models, unleashing the engine to its true capabilities and potential, the way Yamaha designed it. We are seeing upwards of 20hp to the tire with a light weight hi flowing exhaust and an ECU flash. Balancing the fueling and unrestricting the fly by wire is the biggest key to get these bikes to run great.

ECU flashing, PowerCommander, YEC, clones and Bazzaz are all great devices that we can tune and get your Yamaha to run its best. This applies to all Vstar, Raider, Stratoliner, YZF, R6,Rr1, 600cc and 1000cc make and models.

We have had extensive dyno time with the new R1/M and R6 models and have been working hand in hand with professional race teams as well as local riders to create what we think is the best flash on the market for the R1/M. This bike is a beast and once we have it tuned up, beware, it’s going to eat up the corners!

We have a lot of information for bike specific applications over at www.fz10.org www.fz07.org and www.fj-09.org Check these forums out for more detailed write ups and graphs

PCFC PC3 PC5 $350
$249 $369 $399 $329
MODEL TO $469 TO $349
YZF 600 R6R X X X (FT/WR)
YZF 600 R6S X X X X (FT/WR)
FZ07 X X X X (FT/WR)
FZ09 X X X (FT/WR)
FJ09 X X X (FT/WR)
XSR900 X X (FT/WR)
FZ10 X X (FT/WR)
FJR1300 X X X
SR400 X
WR250F X X
WR250X/R X X
WR450F X X X
XJR1300 X
XT250 X
YZ250F X
YZ450F X X
ZX450F X
ZUMA 125 X X X

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We have loved this new bike from Yamaha. We have been fortunate to have a lot of local FZ-10’s to do a ton of R&D to develop an incredible flash for the ecu of this bike. It really wakens the power up and smooths out the throttle. Check out more information at www.fz10.org .

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The new generation R1, R1M and R1S have stirred up the superbike market and for good reason. This thing is a beast! With feedback from our MotoAmerica data logging and co-op tuning, local road racers, track day riders, street riders and the good ol’ dyno, we’ve been able to really unleash this beast and create an incredible ecu flash.

Super Tenere XT1200
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The only way to properly tune a Super Tenere is with an ecu flash. We can complete an in house custom dyno tune or mail in ecu flash. We can fix all the jerky throttle issues, and truly connect this bike to the rider. We have custom fuel maps for each exhaust available on the market, baffle in or out, custom throttle maps for S and T mode, removed all of the factory emissions restrictions and eliminated the fuel cut. The ecu flash includes a tune license that will allow you to make future adjustments. We also have fan temp control, to keep coolant temps down in tight technical riding courses. Ecu flash on this bike is the best mod for this bike on the market.

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  1. Hello i a canadian 09 r1 and like to know if the reflashed ecu keep’s the factory immobillizer thank you.

    1. Yes, All factory functions and modes retain operational with no custom hardware changes necessary.

  2. I hv a 2005 yamaha r1. Is this year compatible with the ecunleashed and if so how much would it cost

    1. Yes the 05 R1 is available. Its on sale through the end of the month for $349. Please call for details and with any other questions. Nels 425-269-5332

  3. I have a 2002 Roadstar with the 108 CI kit, a Dyna3000 ignition, and a Mukuni 45mm Carb. Do you only do EFI tuning or can you do CARB tuning as well?

    1. We do a lot of carb tuning as well! Give Nels a call at 425-269-5332

  4. I recently bought a 11′ R1. First owner had it in your shop to be tuned. Are you able to look up what was performed and the performance gains?
    I’d like to bring it back in for an ECU flash and tune after I install a full exhaust.

    1. Sure thing give me a call at 425-269-5332 and we’ll definitely take care of your bike!

  5. I have a 2011 r1. I’m about to put a bazzaz on it, it allready has race baffles, a k&n race filter, and the nos kit is on the way. Will flashing the ecu make any added difference? Also, after I install a cat eliminator I would like to have the bike ran on a dyno and a map for nos and a map for clean written.(if that makes sense) do you do this sort of thing?

    1. Not only do we so this thing we specialize in this thing! The flash and tuning we have for your bike is incredible, satisfaction guaranteed!

  6. I have an 04 R6 and wanted to find out how much it would cost for custom map and ecu unleashed if possible. I want it to run its best so pretty much a full tuning.

    1. Power Commander tune will run you $175, with that we can get the bike running its best. Drop by or give me a call at 425-269-5332

      1. We ŗe using R1 998 cc engine on power boat , how to do properly tune of engine by Power Commander, if we using direct connection only on 6th gear to shaft axle.

      2. You need an O2 sensor to test the air fuel ratio coming out of the exhaust, get it to 13.4:1 across the board and you’re set.

  7. Hello, I have a 2012 Yamaha Raider with LA Choppers Wicked Curve exhaust, PR Hi-Flow Air Kit, PCV w/autotune. Is it best to do an ecu reflash or dyno tune, or both? Which one gives better results?

    1. Well they’re addressing different things. The PCV w Autotune is only taking care of your fueling. While the ecu reflash, does all of the fueling the PCV is doing, plus ignition timing tables, disables any power restrictions etc inside the ecu that the PCV doesnt touch. Basically everything the ECU controls, we optimize with the ECU flash, the performance mapping is done on the dyno so that is included. So the PCV is like a slice of the performance pie, and the flash is the whole thing!

  8. Just got my ’14 R1 Raven and wanted to know the benefits and how do I get this done?

    1. Email me at 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com or call at 425-269-5332. we can do in house tuning or flash the ecu via mail as well if you’re not local to us.

  9. Hi, I recently bought a 2014 FZ-09 and was wondering what you have available.

    I was referred by Stoltec Moto. I know one of the top things to do to my bike is the ecu flash.



    1. Yes we on the fz09 forum would like a report on options
      I had nick do mine but no fuel mod stock,

      1. We have full flash options available, if you want the base maps or fuel perfect maps, we have them all available. What specific options are you looking for? Email me at 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com

    2. It’s the same exact product that was being sold by Stoltec 🙂 Email me at 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com for more details or questions you may have.

  10. Hi I’d like to adjust the throttle response on my new FZ 09. The Stoltec website says that Stoltec Moto flashes can only be purchased through 2 Wheel Dyno Works.

    Just wondering how I book an appointment to moto flash installed?


    1. Email me at 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com For an ECU flash, if it’s in person, we’ll set up an appointment, if it’s mail in, you can ship it anytime and it gets flashed and sent out within one business day of it arriving in the mail


    1. Yes, it does work with the Euro ECU’s!

  12. Does your fz-09 reflash remove the speed limiter? Thanks

    1. We’re waiting on a software update to do this

  13. hey how can i recieve info on an fz09 flash

    1. Send me an email at 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com and we can go over all your questions

  14. Please contact me about 2013 R6 ECUnleashed.

    1. Email me at 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com for whatever details you need.

  15. Should I install a mid pipe before a ECU flash?

    1. Yes absolutely.

  16. Hi I have a 2014 mt09(fz09) Australian model with akrapovic carbon pipe, will the reflash work with this model and should I get a different air filter to go with it.

    1. Email me at 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com we will need to check your ecu serial number to verify if we can flash it or not. The air filter doesnt matter

  17. Hi, I have an 05 R1, and want to get the ecu Reflashed. Thx

    1. Sounds great give me a call at 425-269-5332 and we can start that process.

  18. Got the ecu back last week and went for a 4 day 1900km ride through the mountains and what a difference, I had you make the bike start in std mode but A mode is so smooth and responsive the bike could start there, no problem. (When I first had my ecu done here in Australia by ecunleashed it was shit, as well as expensive! It had more power but the power came on at 4500rpm and 7000rpm so abruptly it was un-rideable but now it is a gem) That midrange is so good that in the tight stuff all you need is 3rd and 4th gear! To anyone who owns a mt09 (fz09) and is thinking who to send your ecu to, send it to Nels first.
    Great job

    1. Thanks Terry!

  19. Hey, Sourav here from Calgary, AB. I want flash my 05 yzf R1. What would be the cost s?

  20. I have a 2015 FZ09 I want to put on a Arrow X Kone full system
    Will a re flash allow it to work without buying a fuel controller?
    Will it work ok baffle in or out?
    Will it require air block off plates?
    Work with KN air filter?
    What will cost be? Sorry for so many question. I am 65. I can do carburetors ha ha

    1. Yes we include fuel in the flash. Baffle in or out is your call, we flash for it in or out so just let us know what you want. Does not require block off plates but its recommended. Filter is fine stock r aftermarket. We love questions no worries there. Shoot me an email at 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com and we can go over anything in detail with you

  21. Get the block off plates, I did and have a my ecu flashed. He will make custom maps for your bike. When doing a full system, with K&N filter you will want block off plates.

    1. The flash will deactivate that system anyway so you can remove it, put the block off plates on and save a few pounds.

  22. I understand you do the Stoltec flashes for the Yamaha FZ09. I would like to know what that service costs if I were to send my ECU to you.



  23. Hey Nels I have a Yamaha banshee with exhaust, and ported cylinders. Iv read that you have experience tuning quads with carbs. I have had tuning problems ever since I had my bike ported and was wondering if you still tune quads at all? I also have a 06 R6 with full Leo vince exhaust, power commander, race filter that I would like reflashed. Hope to hear back from you.

    1. Both of those are doable! Give me a call at 425-269-5332 to set up appointments and go over details for each vehicle

  24. How’s the progress coming on the FJ09 re flash?

    1. We’ll be sure to announce it asap once it’s done!

  25. I have an 07 R6. I put a pcv on it and the throttle position is way off. it starts out at 17 and goes up to 49. I know its supposed to go from 18 to 98. its only does it when the pcv is hooked up. do I need to send in the ecu to get flashed?

    1. Give me a call at 425-269-5332 it may be something that we can fix easily.

  26. Hi, I have an 2007 R6 and I pull on a full exhaust with a power commander v and an auto tuner. My bike is not running right. After it warms up and I get to the first stop light/sign it dies. I’m just wondering if I should get the ECU flashed or take it to a shop and see if they can get it to work.

    1. It would be good to test the pcv and auto tuner as they might be causing it as well have you tried starting the bike with those disconnected?

  27. Any plans to flash the new R3?

    1. Would love to, but all depends on the companies we use and if they decide to get into that ECU or not.

  28. I have a 2013 with dual toshimura slip ons will this ecu flashing work for it and if yes how much it comes out to $ ?

    1. 2013 Yamaha r1

      1. Starts at $349 up to $449 depending on what options we go with.

    2. Starts at $349 up to $449 depending on what options we go with.

  29. Heard about the FJ-09 flash. What is changed with the starting point flash and what are the options you mention?

    1. Charge starts at $349, everythings included in the flash however we can make changes as needed for your bike depending on it’s modifications.

  30. Thank you for reply. What basic parameters are changed by the flash besides speed limiter. Just for my info to understand what to look for after the change and to help spread the word for your product. Looks like I know what to ask Santa for during the winter. I kinda like it stock so far but I definitely didn’t like my bike falling on it’s face at a buck 15.

    1. As listed on the website, we change almost everything that can be changed. Fuel, timing, restriction removal, reduced engine braking, speed limiter removal, fans on earlier, disable exup and ais systems, fix speedo calibration etc

  31. So what your reply is saying; is that what’s being done to the Yamaha FJ-09. Or your reply is for what can be done? Does the flash cover the FZ-09 and the FJ-09 with the exact same changes? Or would the standard flash be set up for with the parameters differently for each type of bike. The FZ being a naked Hot Rod and the FJ being Sport/Touring Adventure type bike. I just read today in an issue of Cycle Worlds Long Term ride return to Manf. article, that Yamaha gave notice to all 2014 and older FZ’s that a free updated flash with parameter fixes from the FJ is available. I will reread the article to see if there is a mention of FZ program updated with FJ parameters or replaced with FJ program.
    Overall I’m happy with the performance of the Factory settings on the FJ. I want for example the same separation with the modes of operation. Don’t want to turn STD into A mode parameters, etc.. Definitely need the flash to remove speed limiter. Kinda worried that it may change my Sport Touring bike into more Hot Rod then is wanted for a loaded bike on a trip. I’m an older guy and not an ECU tweeker with a PC kind of guy. But I could set your Ignition points on a Z1 Kaw. Ha Ha. I do have a Laptop and could with assistance perform basic changes with phone instruction. I’m sure your turn around flash and flash updates are great but something may show up on the road test. I finding hard to give it up during the riding season as I ride 7 days a week mostly so I find it hard to not ride when the bike is basically running Ok. Do you have tech services, even for a charge, for offsite change support? Well I’ve bothered you enough Mr. 2wheel. I will send in the ECU for flash during down time this winter. Maybe we’ll get a Snow / Ice storm here in Va so I can leave it alone for a couple of days.
    Thanks, Steve

    1. You have been misinformed about much of this. Give us a call 425-269-5332 and we can talk you through it.

  32. Thank you. I will call you tomorrow about 12-1pm EST that should put it at about 9-10 am your time.

    1. Text works as well. We’ll be on the dyno already but someone should be able to pick up or at least call you back

  33. I have a 2015 r1m and want to know the best upgrades to buy mixed with ecu flash. What kind of horse power numbers I would expect to see.

    1. Gimme a call to discuss details

  34. Just swapped exhaust from a graves to akra and its running super rich, whats a tune running at already have the pc5,

    1. Shoot me an email, phone call or text and we’ll get your pricing sorted out.

  35. Anything for the Yamaha R3 Nels?

    1. Gimme a call, email or text and we’ll go over your current options

  36. Do you have a flash for FJ-09 running an Akra Ti?

    1. Yes! Baffle in and baffle out!

  37. I have a 2015 fz09 with a m4 slip on and aftermarket filter, can you tune this to run without popping and smooth it our and remove speed limiter?

    1. Absolutely, all 3 and then some! Shoot me an email for more details 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com

  38. Hello I’m Smiley I ride a zx10. My friend with a H2 said you are the best in Washington to dyno and tune my bike. Get the max power out my bikef:

    1. We’ll definitely do our best. Send me an email to set up a time to come in!

  39. Hi, I just bought a ’12 fz1 with full Yosh exhaust, pc5 and ais block off, already dyno tuned by you. I’ve been looking at what some other people have done and I’m wondering if you’ve had any experience with modified or removed secondary plates, I’ve read a lot of conflicting info. Do you recommend these mods? will this help or hurt drivability with another dyno tune?

    1. Your next step is an ecu flash which actually utilizes the stock butterfly plates better than the previous modified plates. Shoot me an email and we can go over more of the details with you but an ecu flash will take your bike to the next level

    2. email me at 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com to set up scheduling

  40. I have a 2008 Yamaha raider with cobra power pro. Can you do the Raider?

    1. Absolutely yes

  41. I have a 2015 yzf r3 that I recently put a full system m4 exhaust kit on and am running it without the arrestor/baffle. I have noticed a bit more power but not what I expected and I am experiencing some backfiring when down shifting and letting off the throttle. I have been told that I can either spend a bunch of money for components to add on the injectors and ecu to allow me to tune it or I can send off the ecu to get flashed with an appropriate tune. I would prefer to just flash the ecu if that is available for this bike, do you guys offer anything for this or have any leads?

    1. At this time we are only doing in house tuning with the Power Commander (Fuel+Ignition) on the R3. Right now the software is still being developed for the R3 ecu and hasn’t been released to us at this time.

      1. Any updates on a reflash for the R3?

      2. contact us to go over your options for the r3

  42. I have a 2013 Fz8 with a slip on that I would like to have the ECU unlocked and tuned. I have considered gutting the cat and removing the AIS. What are your opinions regarding them?

    1. Shoot me an email at 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com and we can go over your details and options.

      1.  I have a 2013 Fz8 with a slip on that I would like to have the ECU unlocked and tuned. I have considered gutting the cat and removing the AIS. What are your opinions regarding them? I sent an email but forgot to the subject line so it may have been filtered. Thanks,Chris. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

      2. Got the email, all good 🙂

  43. Hi the previous owner of my 09 R1 had the ECU flashed but the idle is at 1k rpm, I find this to be too low and it makes for a very rough take off. How much do you guys charge for a reflash? I live in Vancouver Canada.

    1. Shoot me an email at 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com or call me at 425-269-5332. we just gotta verify that the ecu was flashed by us, and then the re-flash is free

  44. Have a 2016 FZ09, what exhausts would you recommend the best one, is a M4 slipon as good as a full exhaust. Am looking to get flash tune and dyno’ed

    1. M4 is a great choice, many good choices for the fz09. Send me an email and we can go over details

  45. I have a 2016 Yamaha XSR900 (FZ-09 with TCS and ABS) I was wondering what gains could be expected. I have a Akrapovic carbon exhaust, emissions block off plates and a K&N filter.

    1. Give me a call 425-269-5332 to go over your options!

  46. What kind of power can you get out of a 2016 R1 with an akra system with cat delete? Would it be as much as a bmw s1000rr?

    1. It is not as much as the S1000RR however it’s very close and still very fast.

  47. Hi Nels. I’ve previously had a GSX R 1000 worked on by you and was amazed at the performance gain. I’ve recently purchased a ’15 XT 250 (for my son) and a ’15 WR 250R from Bret at I90. I was wondering if can do anything with them.

    1. Give me a call !

  48. Check out Nel’s FZ-10 150 hp dyno pull! https://youtu.be/XW8rWpuTpok

  49. Hi my name is trevor was contacting you while back to look at my 98 919rr well i got it running pretty darn good i have since bought 2004 Yzf R1 only thing its got is kn i also know from looking up my vin number on department of motor vehicle recall website its has a open recall for my bike TPS unit i have had it now 2 weeks and it does not stall or die at low speeds or comming to a stop or leaving a light like the symptoms say will i need to do recall first before tuninng? my queston is if i was to do the flash what would u charge to install the power 5 and flash my ecu and get her perfect … and is it worth installing smog plates and velocity stacks ? I plan on removing cats … trev

    1. Give me a call or email and we can discuss how to get your bike dialed to your needs. It’s a fairly simple process and the results are fantastic

  50. Im interested in flash my fz 10.
    It is priginal now but im thinking to install a 3/4 delkevic 14 inches can.
    Any suggestion?

    1. We recommend the Graves exhaust as we’ve had the best results with their system. Today we have a cyber Monday sale with huge discounts on the ecu flash and graves exhaust. Send us an email for more information.

  51. Please send me info on graves system and flash special.

    1. What’s your email address? Send me a message 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com

  52. **********@yahoo.com

    1. Email incoming

  53. I understand you guys use FlashTune for the FJ-09. Is it possible to purchase your maps for specific exhausts systems so that I could flash myself?

    1. No I’m afraid we cannot.

  54. Hi,

    Do you have the Yamaha R3 in the works? It’s got a serious rev matching issue for such a low power ride. Thoughts?


    1. We only have in house power commander tuning as an option with the R3. It helps a lot in fixing those fueling issues

  55. Rode down from Van and had my 2015 R1 reflashed and dyno tuned..Great experience, GREAT results, smooth power and more of it bottom to redline..what a difference, friend on mine who has ridden bike now before and after tune was amazed at improvement. Nels and Derek, thanks again, be well, hugh

    1. Thanks Hugh!

  56. Hi i have a 04 r1 i would like to know before I bring it to you for tune what should I purches if anything its only has 7600 miles in filter is only thing done o would like to get bike to run its best but being older its limited From what im reading .. I was thinking the usual suspects arrow racing cat delete slip ons
    Graves velocity stacks graves block off plate and whats better power commander 5 or the juice box or a baddass? If you could give me any ideas of what to modifie or what to not buy it would help. I know your a very respected individual in the motorcycle comunity its my baby and nerd done right

    Trevor ragecage07@yahoo.com

    1. Power commander 5 is best. Gimme a call or email

  57. Have you ever flashed a wr250r ecu? Do you use a flash tunes? And is it a map made by someone else or a customs in house map?

    1. We develop everything in house. Send me an email to discuss options and details

  58. I have a 2016 FZ07 but I have the full Akrapovic titanium exhaust. Do you have a maps for this exhaust as I did not see it mentioned?

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