2WDW 2020-2024 BMW S1000RR Mail-In ECU Flashing Service
2WDW 2020-2024 BMW S1000RR Mail-In ECU Flashing Service
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2WDW 2020-2024 BMW S1000RR Mail-In ECU Flashing Service

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This product is intended for closed-course competition use only. Use of this product for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that the product and/or service being purchased is for racing only and this vehicle will never be used on public roads or land. Such use is prohibited by Federal and State regulations.

ECU flashing is not only MORE COST EFFECTIVE than any other tuning solution, it is far SUPERIOR to any other tuning solution because it also allows for more precise tuning of fuel and ignition timing maps which automatically compensate for changing atmospheric conditions. It also allows for the modification of parameters that are not otherwise adjustable through other tuning solutions, such as electronic throttle mapping.

Our Mail-In ECU Flashing Service also comes with FREE future mapping updates for as long as you own the motorcycle. The only cost you are responsible for is the shipping of your ECU.

Mail-In ECU Flashing Service is now available for the 2020+ S1000RRs! We've been tuning the previous generations for the past decade with the RCK3 flashing software, as well as  Rapid Bike, Power Commanders and Bazzaz piggyback controllers. This has previously been a very expensive process. Now, we have TOTAL CONTROL over the stock ECU's fuel, ignition and electronic throttle mapping and parameters for a fraction of the previous cost.

We've applied everything we have learned about tuning and racing the previous generation S1000RRs with both local club and MotoAmerica level racers over the past decade, and we have spent dozens of hours on the dyno testing and perfecting our custom mapping for these AMAZING machines.

The 2020+ models run a state-of-the-art wideband lambda system that allows for the ECU to make very quick adjustments to necessary fueling. We have completely customized the AFR (air:fuel ratio) target maps to make sure that optimal fueling is present at all times while riding on the street and/or racing these bikes. As sophisticated as this system it, we have found that it still has limitations for exactly how much adjustment it is capable of making. To reduce the amount of self-adjustment is necessary, we have built our custom fuel mapping on the dyno without the use of these wideband sensors. With custom fuel mapping already in place for aftermarket full exhaust systems, the wideband sensors have to perform DRAMATICALLY less fuel trimming while you're riding the bike. We have also perfected the AFR target maps with custom parameters for every possible throttle position and RPM range. This allows for the smoothest, strongest and most predictable power delivery with zero sacrifices to engine longevity and reliability with an aftermarket exhaust system installed on the bike. In addition to this, we have also modified the cold-start enrichment tables to resolve the hard starting issues that almost every rider experiences once they've installed an aftermarket exhaust system on these bikes.

We've also completely removed the gear-based electronic throttle restrictions that cause the middle gears on these bikes to feel horribly weak compared to 1st, 5th or 6th. In addition to simply removing these limitations in the throttle maps, we have also COMPLETELY overhauled the throttle-by-wire mapping to provide MUCH smoother engine braking and a MUCH smoother and predictable throttle response. This, more than almost anything else, is CRITICAL to being able to actually use all 200+ horsepower effectively when entering AND exiting a corner on the track or in a street riding situation on the road. 

Lastly, we have also completely overhauled several ignition timing maps in these ECUs to maximize horsepower, torque and engine reliability. This does NOT that mean we simply advanced ignition timing everywhere like others often do; in fact, we actually run LESS ignition advance in some areas where we have found improvements in doing so! Our custom ignition timing mapping allows for maximum performance at all times AND improves overall engine longevity while not relying on the knock sensors to constantly retard ignition timing.

The end result of all of this customization is a MUCH smoother, stronger and cooler running S1000RR throughout the ENTIRE RPM range. As you can see in the graph (5th gear stock v 5th gear with our custom mapping), we've increased horsepower and torque to a peak 202HP/88TQ to the tire ON PUMP GAS 

Our mail in ECU flash service also comes with unlimited ECU re-flash services as long as you own your motorcycle. All future re-flash services are free of charge. The only cost you are responsible for is the shipping of your ECU.

Custom Flashing Service:

  • Custom TPS Fuel Maps (Exhaust Specific)
  • Custom Ignition Timing Maps
  • Removal Of All Gear-Based ETV Restrictions
  • Custom Electronic Throttle Valve (ETV) Maps
  • Custom Closed Loop Wideband Target AFR Maps
  • Custom Exhaust Valve Opening Maps (For Stock/Slip-On Exhaust Systems)
  • Custom Deceleration Fuel Cut Maps
  • Disable Exhaust Valve (For Full Exhaust Systems)
  • Disable PAIR Valve / AIS Fault Code
  • Disable Cold Start Idle (THIS is why your stock cold starts sound TERRIBLE!)

For any/all questions regarding ECU flashing, please email us at support@2wheeldynoworks.com

To have us flash your ECU, simply complete the following steps:

STEP 1: Place your order below.

STEP 2: Remove your ECU and ship it to us at:

2 Wheel DynoWorks

13209 NE 126th Pl
Suite 460
Kirkland, WA 98034

Note: When mailing in your ECU, please include a note with your contact details and list of any pertinent engine, intake and/or exhaust modifications done to your bike. You may include this note in your package or email it to support@2wheeldynoworks.com

STEP 3: Receive and reinstall your ECU, and enjoy your flashed and tuned S1000RR!

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