FTECU ECU Based Quickshifter Kit

FTECU ECU Based Quickshifter Kit

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With this kit and your flashed ECU you can up-shift without letting off the throttle or pulling the clutch!
This kit includes everything you will need to utilize your FTECU-flashed ECU’s Quickshifter module.

Our new QS sensors are now smaller and more reliable than ever! Manufactured by us here in the USA!

Note: Shift Sensor Connector with Red wire is for PUSH switch, shift sensor connector with Black wire is for PULL switch

This kit includes:
– QS sensor (PUSH/PULL).
– Rod kit for your bike (cutting may be required to fit)
– Harness to interface to your ECU.

NOTE: Must have 6-pin bike-side harness in order to use this kit (not included) on FZ/MT-07, FZ/MT-09, FJ-09, XSR900 and XSR700 models!